Super Dogs

 Here are just a few of the amazing dogs and trainers that are outfitted with Dog Sports Designs.



    AKC World Agility Team 2007 Norway

   AKC World Agility Team 2006  Switzerland

    AKC World Agility Team 2005 Spain

   AKC World Agility Team 2004

AKC World Agility Team 2003

BISS BIS Am Can Ch Heathers Knock on Wood, "Knotty"  Top Winning Bloodhound in the History of the Breed.  Shown in Dog Sports Design his entire career.


"Mowgli" Dog Model for Hollister Clothing Line

Alan Miller of Albree Dog Training with "Zip".  Zipady Du Albree FRII, UD.      2009 #1 National  Ring Sport Dog.

WintercreekShorthairs takes Dog Sports Designs from field to ring.  30 years of Outstanding Dual Quality ShorthairsWintercreekShorthairs takes Dog Sports Designs from field to ring.  30 years of Outstanding Dual Quality Shorthairs

Photo – The Winning







Medley Manchester Terriers has won the National Speciality six consecutive years in a row.  Dog Sports Designs has outfitted these beautiful dogs for many generations.

Photo – The Winning

BISS, BIS, INT'L, AM & CAN CH Javahills Top Gun CD JH CGC, OFA Champion of Health

"Maverick" and Pro Handler Meredith Noreen at the Westminister Dog Show.  Dog Sports Designs continues to outfit these amazing Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.

Photo – The Winning Image

Dog Sports Designs,Valerie Alfinito,  Alan Miller with Albree Dog Training, Falconer Karl Kerster and Channel 31 news at the International Sportsmans Expo, Sacramento CA.  Dog Sports Designs presented an educational and special interest program

Dog Sports Designs has provided AWARDS for Regional and National Dog Clubs

2013 Regional Speciality,                 Nor Cal Irish Setter

2013 National Speciality Nor Cal Newfoundland

So Cal Golden Retriever National Speciality 2012

Dalmatian Regional Speciality 2013

Belgin Sheepdog Speciality 2012

And a few celebrities:

"Rosie Oz the lovely black labrador owned by the wonderful Dr. Oz

"Bo" Obama, the Presidential Portugese Water Dog

Americas Veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker






Dog Sports Designs has SUPPORTED WITH DONATIONS to the following:

US Military Active Duty K-9 Unit in Iraq

Bay Area Rescue Keeshonden, Inc

Greyhound Club of America 2012

Greyhound Club of Nor Cal 2012

Austrialian Cattle Dog Club of America Inc. 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Humane Society of the NorthBay

Vizsla Club of Nor Cal 2010

Mojave Desert Golden Retriever Club

Boxer Club of So Cal 2010

Mission Trail Poodle Club 2009

Sacramento Valley Weimaraner Club 2008, 2009, 2010 2011, 2012, 2013

Mastiff Club of America, Inc. 2009

Nor Cal Weimaraner Rescue

Noah Ark Rescue, various disaster relief projects

Nor Nevada Shetland Sheepdog Club

California Brittany Club 2013

WannabeRun Boston Terrier Rescue2013

Golden Gate English Springer Spaniel Association 2012

South Lake Tahoe Police Assoc 2012